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Get mono heap dumps as pretty graphs

External Dependencies:

You need the graphviz package, available here.

To build:

$ make MONO_SOURCE=/path/to/your/mono/source/checkout

To test:

After you've done a build, you can test it by just running:

$ make test

this will generate and heap-graph.svg files in the current directory. open the svg file in your favorite web browser to take a look at the mono heap. An example svg graph can be found here.

To use it:

At the point in your programs execution where you want to capture a heap graph, just call MonoGC.Poker.GenerateHeapDump(). You'll want to add MonoGCPoker-platform.dll as a reference, and make sure you have libpoker.dylib (or .so) in your library load path -- on OSX this means setting DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH to the path of the directory containing libpoker.dylib.