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Published npm module and converted node/ into a submodule. (issue #7)

creatorrr added some commits Mar 27, 2013
@creatorrr creatorrr Converted node/ to a submodule.
Signed-off-by: Diwank Singh Tomer <>
@creatorrr creatorrr Pulled latest submodule changes.
Signed-off-by: Diwank Singh Tomer <>

Thanks for the feedback.

We've talked about this internally a little bit, and we are planning to release this as an npm module, but we're planning to keep the repo within the rdio github account. We're still undecided on whether we want or not to use submodules for this sort of thing.

Closing this for now, since it's not something we're going to merge as-is.

@rknLA rknLA closed this Jan 2, 2014

Sounds good, please keep this thread updated with progress on this. I'd be happy to transfer npm endpoint once you guys release it officially.

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