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J implementation of NIF file support. See also:
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J implementation of NIF file support. See also:

Currently early draft

Version hardcoded to Morrowind

Files should go in obvious locations in J user directory

(Polish must wait until after functionality.)

roughly patterened after you should not expect to read the part of this codebase any faster than you read the equivalent in PyFFI and if you are new to J you should also expect to spend some time learning the language recommendation: take breaks occasionally, play with this, try to make it fun

parsed nif file currently appears as DATANIF_readnif_ and the orcish table example is automatically parsed when readnif.ijs is loaded.

Loading writenif.ijs currently generates ~user/testout.nif which is an identical copy of the original table file.


migrate testing out of main read/write implementations

render 1 nif object - needs texture support render 2 nif objects render 3 nif objects

print 1 nif object - neglect texture support

editing (need to define supported editing operations)

Exercise editor - do something interesting for Morrowind community

Start supporting other nif versions

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