jQuery plugin to dynamically (live) edit a html table via post requests to a php/mysql backend.
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###Your markup must match this template, except in number of columns:

      <!-- The plugin uses th id's to know what column's to use to speak to your server -->
      <!-- They could be the same column names used in your db -->
			<th id="column1_name">Label</th>
			<th id="column2_name">Label</th>
			<th id="column3_name">Label</th>
	  <!-- You must build existing rows server side -->
		<?php foreach ($data as $row):?>
    <!-- Like the <th> id's, the row id matches your database's row number -->
		<tr id="<?php echo $row->id; ?>">
			<?php unset($row->id); ?>
			<?php foreach ($row as $cell): ?>
				<td><?php echo $cell; ?></td>
			<?php endforeach;?>
		<?php endforeach;?>

###Server Side uses these URI's:
n: Create/add new row 
U: Update existing cell
d: remove/delete row (planned)

Base URI must be set as option.