Metaverse (OpenSim/SL) viewer with an emphasis on usability. My attempt to keep up with 1.4 impy development.
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    The meta-impy viewer is based on the Imprudence 1.4 viewer -

    I agree with the Imprudence manifesto. I also have my own ideas
    about how code should be written, and how the mess that is the LL
    code base should be morphed into something sane. I don't think that
    moving to the SL 2 code base is such a good idea. Even now still see
    problems from the move to the SL 1.23 code base. I thought moving
    from 1.22 was a bad idea to. LL has us playing catch up at their
    chosen pace. We should just fix up their horrid code and streak
    ahead of them.

    Mostly this viewer development is for me to scratch my own itches.
    There are some things I might implement that are of general
    usefulness, or already on the Impy wish list. I will try to write
    them such that Impy developers can cherry pick those things, then
    let the Impy developers know. Other developers may join my efforts
    if they wish, if their itches match my own. We can scratch each
    others backs. B-)

    I don't really care about SL or LL any more. I don't care for
    OpenSim that much either, but at least that provides a wider
    ecosystem. So meta-impy will try to be more general purpose. The  LL
    code base is full of assumptions that it's running on the SL  grid.
    These assumptions I'll remove one by one. A lot of policies LL has I
    disagree with, and I'm not much interested in enshrining those
    policies in code.

    Note, since I don't care about the LL TPVP, it's likely that the
    meta-impy viewer will not be TPVP compliant. Meta-impy is made for
    use on OpenSim grids. It will probably work on the SL grids, but
    that is not important to me, and not recommended by me. Use at your
    own risk on the SL grids.

    The latest information for the meta-impy viewer is always
    available at:

    Project details
    Source code


   All code is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public
   License version 2.0 (plus a special exception).

   See linden/LICENSE-source.txt for details.


    Second Life is a registered trademark of Linden Research, Inc.

    Imprudence is in no way affiliated with Linden Research, Inc.

    meta7 and/or Magne Metaverse Reasearch are in no way affiliated with Linden Research, Inc.

    onefang has no relationship with any of them, though used to work for meta 7.