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SaltwashAR is a Python Augmented Reality application.

Documentation can be found on my Wiki:

To see what it can do, check out my SaltwashAR Part I and Part II videos.

To help develop the application, check out my 'Adding a feature to SaltwashAR' post:

SaltwashAR uses OpenCV computer vision to detect a 2D marker in a webcam, and OpenGL graphics library to render a 3D robot upon the marker.

We can interact with the robots:
- ask a robot to search the web, translate phrases, help us gamble or practice acting, or provide a world weather report 
- let the robot learn a card game, classify iris flowers and audio, give a slideshow, be a talking calculator or a mixing desk
- a robot can watch TV, detect shapes, respond to our hand gestures, read printed words or just be happy!