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bhl-couchdb Experiments with different types of query Aug 11, 2015
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api_bhl.php Test that fields are defined Feb 14, 2017
api_counter.php Don't count multiple access from same IP address Dec 22, 2016
api_documentcloud.php DocumentCloud API uses image proxy Sep 26, 2016
api_geo.php Geospatial searching added Aug 12, 2016
api_map.php Added Google Maps Jul 30, 2015
api_reconciliation.php Reconciliation API Aug 15, 2016
api_tilehit.php Added Google Maps Jul 30, 2015
api_utils.php Check whether $obj is array or object Feb 4, 2016
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Throughput Graph

Join the chat at

SSH keys

Use github SSH keys (see The following command puts the public key into the clipboard:

pbcopy < ~/.ssh/

Can then paste this key into Pagodabox site.

Multiple keys

I found that sometimes Pagodabox would expect the github SSH key, authorities the one I’d generated for Pagodabox, so I pasted both keys into the Pagodabox admin panel.

Pushing to Pagodabox

git push pagoda --all


Added New Relic key, after a while New Relic shows data for the app


Launch this from local machine to replicate CouchDB with Cloudant.

curl http://localhost:5984/_replicate -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -d ‘{ “source”: “biostor”, “target”: “https://<username>:<password>”, “continuous”:true }’

Image proxy

BioStor uses CloudFlare to provide caching, and by default CloudFlare doesn’t cache images that with dynamic URLs (i.e., it expects a URL to have a file extension). I’ve borrowed heavily from to create an image proxy that fetches images from BHL, then outputs them such that CloudFlare will treat them as static images and cache them.