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Build Process

Dependencies are defined in

  • addon_files/redmatic/lib/package.json (Node-RED, npm, Modules with binary dependencies)
  • addon_files/redmatic/var/package.json (additional Node-RED nodes)
  • addon_files/redmatic/www/package.json (Modules used by config UI, jQuery, Bootstrap, Bcrypt.js)

The Node.js version that is bundled with the addon is defined in ./package.json under "engines":{"node":"<version>"}}.

Binary Modules

The binary modules that are needed before the build is started are created by the script, I'm doing this locally, afterwards the binaries are added to git repo. This is something I'm not happy with, but the effort of creating the binaries on Travis (via QEMU) is quite high and Travis limits a job run to 45 minutes which is not enough - especially when using QEMU... Cross-compilation is also not really practically, node-gyp doesn't give you full control of the build...


The Travis Job sets a tag, creates a release, runs, uploads the files in the dist folder and calls afterwards. This Job is triggered manually. creates the CCU addons and the package files and puts them in the dist folder. It also creates and updates the CHANGE_HISTORY in the Github Wiki.

Update Dependencies updates all dependencies defined in the 3 package.json files mentioned before to the latest version and calls update_package.js which combines them in ./package.json (needed to have one place to check all dependencies for updates/issues by david-dm/ Furthermore it calls update_readme.js that merges docs/, wiki/, wiki/ and docs/ into the file.

Update 3rd Party Licenses

update_licenses.js creates the and addon_files/redmatic/www/licenses.html files. This needs all dependencies already installed in addon_tmp, so you have to do a local build before running this script.