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Spoiler Alert! If you want to solve the aoc problems on your own, do not read any further. This repository contains solutions for the problems in several languages.
Result can be found on powered by netlify.

In this repository, we will collect the code for the solutions of adventofcode for the 2018 event.

If you want to join the discussions, here is the invitation for our slack channel.

Slack Invitation orange

The slack channel itself is aoc-2018

The id of the shared leaderboard is 117454-7d5aa225 .

The Goal of this repository

  1. is to

    • have a shared code base. It will be interesting to see how the same problem is solved in different languages with different approaches

    • have a development environment in which all examples run out of the box

How do we ensure that all examples run out of the box?

The best solution will be to use Just prefix the URL with or click the button:

open in gitpod

A webbased IDE will open with the repository already cloned in a docker container.

It would be awesome if we manage to get all solutions up and running in this container!

The standard docker container supports JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Groovy, Ruby, Python, Go, C, C++, Rust, Perl out of the box.

At least Make, Gradle and Maven are available as build tools.

Repository structure

The structure we start with is the following:

├── day01
├── day02
│   ├── groovy
│   |   └── rdmueller
│   |       ├── solution.groovy
│   |       └── description.adoc
│   └── [language]
│       └── [githubhandle]
│           ├── solution.[extension]
│           └── description.adoc
├── day03
├── day04
├── ...


As you can see in the above repository structure, each folder contains a description.adoc. It would be great if everybody could explain their solution with a short description.


⇒ see you on Slack: aoc-2018