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Automating Your Work with Node.js

Hello! This is the repo for the NICAR 2016 course "Building tools and automation for Node.js". We will be walking through setting up your own static site build tool with gulp.js.

There will be a snapshot of its beginning state in the beginning branch — the master branch reflects the end result.

What you need

  • Node.js — version 4 or greater
  • npm — typically comes installed with Node.js

What your tool will be able to do

  • Automatically reload when you make changes to your code
  • Concatinate your CSS, alters it to include common browser vendor prefixes, and minify
  • Concatinate your JavaScript, check it for errors, and minify
  • Make your image files smaller
  • Prepare your files for deployment

On the agenda

  • Install all the things!
  • What is gulp?
  • Writing your first gulp task
  • Setting up auto-reloading with BrowserSync
  • Concatinating your CSS
  • Minifying your CSS
  • Autoprefixing your CSS
  • Concatinating your JavaScript
  • Linting your JavaScript
  • Minifying your JavaScript
  • Minifying your images
  • Putting it all together