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Commits on Apr 9, 2012
  1. @drbrain

    Fixed URLs

    drbrain authored
  2. @drbrain
Commits on Apr 7, 2012
  1. @drbrain

    Added --spell-minimum-word-length option, defaults to 4

    drbrain authored
    Added total misspellings count.
    Added more words from spellchecking ruby
Commits on Apr 6, 2012
  1. @drbrain
  2. @drbrain

    Removed adding, checking aliases since they get resolved before gener…

    drbrain authored
    Added minimal support for handling typos in text from :include:
  3. @drbrain
  4. @drbrain

    Added line and column information for misspellings

    drbrain authored
    Fixed pollution of test results with private wordlists
  5. @drbrain
  6. @drbrain
  7. @drbrain

    Added more words from RDoc and ruby classes to the default spelling l…

    drbrain authored
    Added block and method parameters to the spelling list.
  8. @drbrain
  9. @drbrain
  10. @drbrain
  11. @drbrain

    Added some words from RDoc

    drbrain authored
  12. @drbrain
  13. @drbrain

    Expanded description

    drbrain authored
  14. @drbrain
  15. @drbrain
  16. @drbrain
  17. @drbrain

    Fixed circular require warning.

    drbrain authored
    Restored LANG environment variable to fix unused variable warning
  18. @drbrain

    Removed duplicated test

    drbrain authored
  19. @drbrain
  20. @drbrain
  21. @drbrain
  22. @drbrain
  23. @drbrain
  24. @drbrain
  25. @drbrain
  26. @drbrain
  27. @drbrain

    Added aliases to the report

    drbrain authored
  28. @drbrain

    Added includes to the report

    drbrain authored
  29. @drbrain
  30. @drbrain

    Added constants to the report

    drbrain authored
  31. @drbrain

    Added methods to the report

    drbrain authored
Commits on Apr 5, 2012
  1. @drbrain
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