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ri open crashes with RDoc::Store::MissingFileError #222

zzak opened this Issue · 0 comments

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@drbrain drbrain referenced this issue from a commit
@drbrain drbrain Reset full_name after duping a CodeObject
When an existing method is converted to a module_function RDoc would dup
the object including the full_name.  RDoc::Store would parse the
full_name to determine how to save the file which would result in the
method appearing only as an instance method.

Now the full_name is cleared when a CodeObject is duped allowing the
correct name to be used in RDoc::Store.

Part of #222 and Ruby bug #8225
@drbrain drbrain closed this issue from a commit
@drbrain drbrain Handle missing files in ri
This replaces a missing file exception with a message indicating the
documentation is missing.

This allows rdoc to work on data sets that have missing files due to the
bug fixed by @b84f38e

Fixes #222
@drbrain drbrain closed this in f72b586
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