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I get the following error and help message

buildbot@buildbot Pikimal $ rdoc -op rdoc ./lib/**/*.rb ./app/**/*.rb
uh-oh! RDoc had a problem:

Directory p already exists, but it looks like it isn't an RDoc directory.

Because RDoc doesn't want to risk destroying any of your existing files,
you'll need to specify a different output directory name (using the --op <dir>

The help message should say "(using the --op=

option)" Note the equals sign.

I'm guessing this is easy enough to fix, but if you want me to fork and create a pull request, let me know.

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rdoc -op is equivalent to rdoc --op p or rdoc --op=p. Note that you are using one dash but rdoc wants two.

RDoc will automatically traverse directories for .rb (and other) files and parse those it can understand, so your command should be:

rdoc --op rdoc lib app
RDoc member
RDoc member

I wish I got emails with eric's responses so I knew when to shut up. :P


And I wish when I typed in a comment and clicked the closed button, it would actually save the comment text.

Sorry, I realized I screwed things up on my end and thought I explained it. Carry on.

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