Sample app to group talks. Built to test out Silex and Azure.
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web.config - The Talk Aggregator

This application has a very simple objective: Give you a summary page that aggregates all the times you gave a specific talk. For example: if you gave you talk "PHP 101" in 5 different events, you can now combine those 5 events into a nice looking page that gives you an overview of the rating for each instance of it, an overall score and a nice little evolution graph. This is great for Call for Paper submissions.

The secondary objectives for making this are also simple: Play around with the new Azure tools, like website and git integrations, as well as their new PHP SDK available through Composer. It was also a chance to play around with the API.

The site is available at:

Tools Used

  • Silex
  • Azure PHP SDK
  • Azure Table Storage
  • Azure Website with Git deploys
  • WinCache (pending)


If you want to contribute, checkout the code and run:

composer.phar install

You may have issues with includes in the Azure SDK, for now use a search and replace to remove them, they are looking into it.