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Syncle - single file synchronization tool

Syncle allows you to synchronize single files across your file system and store them into the one directory. This thing allows to extend standard behaviour of many cloud file synchronization utilites (such as DropBox, SpiderOak, SugarSync and others).


Is recommended to install syncle with pip and virtualenv, but you can also use any other method of Python package installing.

From PyPI

pip install syncle

From Git sources

git clone git://
pip install -e syncle/


You can run syncle from your shell with syncle command.

On first run syncle will create ~/.synclerc.yml (if it does not exist). It has YAML syntax and following structure:

  - ~/.vimrc
  - ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml
storage: ~/syncle
delay: 2


  • files - list of files for synchronization
  • storage - local directory for storing this files (usual cloud file synchronization utility folder)
  • delay - refreshing interval in seconds (by default - 3)