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Sencha Bundle

This bundle was originally written by Ed Spencer for TextMate. I have converted it to be usable with Sublime Text 2, as well as adding additional functionality for Ext 4.0.

This bundle is released under the MIT license and can be used for both Ext JS and Sencha Touch.

Installation instructions for Sublime Text 2

Package Control

You can use Package Control to install the Sencha Sublime package. Please follow the usage guide on how to install packages (search for Sencha).

Useful snippets


  • dd > debugger
  • cp > this.callParent();
  • c > console.log('');
  • co > console.log();
  • coa > console.log(arguments);
  • application > Ext.application snippet
  • define > Ext.define snippet
  • con > apply and update methods for custom configs


  • imp > @import Sencha Touch theme
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