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A simple cocktails application written with Sencha Touch 2
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Cocktails App

This is a sample application written using Sencha Touch 2. At the time of writing this, Sencha Touch is on it's third Preview Release.


I have not included Sencha Touch in this repository. The steps to include it are:

  1. Download Sencha Touch 2 from the Sencha Website
  2. Unpack the SDK and move it to the lib/touch2 directory (so you should have a lib/touch2/sencha-all-debug.js file).
  3. Open index-debug.html

Building the application

If you want to build the application and run the production version (index.html), you must use the SDK Tools. There is a how to available on my blog at

You can also access the built version of the application by checking out the built branch (which still doens't include Sencha Touch SDK, but runs).

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