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AllGems is a simple project with a hefty goal: Provide easy access to documentation for all RubyGem files.

How it's done

AllGems uses a handful of great software to download RubyGems and generate documentation for them. A little daemon hangs around, checking on a fixed interval for any newly released gems which then get fetched, unpacked and documented.

Fun features

Class / Method / Class and method searching

AllGems allows for easy searching. By default, searches will be run against gem names and descriptions. However, we can restrict searching to gems with given classes:

class:ClassName search terms

Or, we can restrict searching to gems with given methods:

method:file search terms

And, an extremely useful search matching a class and method name:


This last search will generate a list of all gems containing classes that have the given method. Not only will it list the given gems, but which versions of the gem include the search.


Ruby requirements:

Other requirements:

Important notes

The AllGems system purports to support SQLite, MySQL and PgSql. It is important to note that while it may start running on any of these systems, it is only fully supported on postgres. We need true asynchronous support, which completely eliminates SQLite. MySQL should be fine, but is currently untested. So, in short, if you are using this software, you should be using PostgreSQL.


The web frontend of AllGems is based completely on the very fine Gembox software.