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This little utility makes it far far easier to close windows in microsoft windows.
Instead of searching for the X [top right] or right clicking on the drop down [top left], now you just right click on the title bar.
Try it--you'll never want to go back.
Update: This utility is nice [right click on title bar--close window], however I have updated my copy of nifty windows to allow "double right click anywhere" to close the current window, so take your pick [this one has a few more bugs, too].
To run: execute ./TrayIcon/TrayIcon/Release/TrayIcon.exe
Related products: Nifty Windows (allows close by right and middle click--a bit more kludgey, I'll admit).
Known bugs: see the source for a somewhat lengthy wish list.
Collaboration welcome! (currently compiled with Visual Studio 2008...I hope--if not then download from the codeproject link below and substitute its source for mine).
This code is mostly a copy of that found in
but modified to do the described.
Note that