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0.9.4: work with some UTF-8 encoded .rb files...which is the default now so hopefully ok.
1.9.x compat. only [ping me if you want this changed]
possibly an execsjs fix?
0.9.1: work with rails 3.0.7 through a kludgey way...
0.9.0: refactors, bug fix for poor file, can autoload disregarding dir now
0.8.1: work with 1.8.6 again
0.8.0: work with 1.9.x again
0.7.5: unique hash now, for the cache file [hopefuly]
0.7.4: allow double loading, for rails apps and gems to load it.
0.7.3: work with 1.9 require_relative
0.7.1: Accomodate for non HOME environment variable [what the..]
0.7.0: now it works with autoload finally [and thus hopefully rails]