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Daniel Lucraft
This is a clone of ruby-prof for JRuby. It supports all the usual output
modes, plus a call tree output mode.
The only measure mode it currently supports is wall time.
*** NB. This is really new code. It probably has lots of bugs and things. - March 2010 ***
$ jruby -S gem install jruby-prof
In your program:
require 'rubygems'
require 'jruby-prof'
result = JRubyProf.profile do
# my stuff
JRubyProf.print_flat_text(result, "flat.txt")
JRubyProf.print_graph_text(result, "graph.txt")
JRubyProf.print_graph_html(result, "graph.html")
JRubyProf.print_call_tree(result, "call_tree.txt")
JRubyProf.print_tree_html(result, "call_tree.html")
In order to tell JRuby to send events to JRubyProf for processing, you must
run your script with the debug flag on:
$ jruby --debug my_script.rb
Or you can use its gem script:
$ jruby --debug -S jruby-prof scriptname.rb
Which will profile the entire script, create a local directory named "profile" and output one copy of each graph type there.