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= Yes do =
test it at work
2 comps
then go cuh-razy with it
do md5's for single files
= someday/never =
revealing seems odd for the various folder...maybe it needs a local "root" folder or something?
warn when shutting down "might take awhile"
figure out better/easier verbiage somehow for normal humans...
transmit it with a manifest, for easier batching/restarting [?]
test it with "sky drive" etc?
fix/do the minimize to tray button
alerts when start, finish...
new/real icons
pick a new name
"fake real" website
"daemonize" startup mode
bounce it off people
it doesn't exit cleanly?
if they change local repo, warn them if the old one has stuff in it! They want to rename that thing, instead.
on network share: have the "number of clients expected" tracking file right it each time you...are about to wait for more clients to finish...
and when you come up, of course
the ideal for humans, of course, would be able to add a new repo, it auto-resinks for them, but...this might be an interesting work around, could maybe add
a button for "add self as new repo to this system" that for now described how to do it for them...yeah.
or something like "you're not adding this local one as a new repo, are you?"
ability to upload [ftp?] to yet other places...
the dropbox balloon popup files can have filenames that sound confusing to humans...
re-split partial files (i.e. keep around the old one, on re-transfer, delete partials, re-split, otherwise it looks confusing, though happening to still work...)
it should list "storing this many total bytes, have transferred this many total bytes since inception..."
ideally it shouldn't bring a computer with an HDD to its knees permanently just reading md5's...hmm...if possible...
no dual folder stuff, you just drop it into your local preservation folder, it goes from there (renamed it to .in_process perhaps?)
and skips you copying it in to a local folder :P
double check 15s for static files when they click "ready..."
general md5 of "everything" so that you know the repo's are all in sync
right click on a folder "sync it!"
update the found file list if they rename things...? sure why not LOL
recombo doesn't work if you restart a client half way through...
server also wouldn't work if shut down half way...
maybe if they hit the 'x' I should force them to wait for a graceful shutdown, like post current batch...
assert they have dropbox_size free *at all* on their drive...
ability to add a client "just transfer to it" what it requests, etc.
synchronize "a full folder, with changes"
some ability to like "let uncle jim upload you a big folder somehow" pubically that you preserve in your system
prompt to cleanup old transfer "do you still want to transfer them?"
it should be able to capture to 2 archival places, same computer
assert it "should be locked by somebody else" if there's a transfer request
assert they "have" 3G or whatever they can use to give to gdrive...
"this many are currently online"
"each is doing this..."
warn on too many files "you should really be zipping this, buddy!"
or ideally, warn if zipping it would be quite helpful (vs. not)
auto empty gdrive trash [etc?]
cleanup shutdown code it raises an exception?
better folders, don't re-mkdir them if they don't exist
gui show status updates, also warn when one client appears to be lagging
work with disconnected storage somehow...
auto 7zip
any single files
optionally if they just have non jpg?
what's the best compression method here?
it should warn on transfer empty directories?
it should capture names of each capture point, make them editable, share the sum number, etc.
it should have one way of allowing "public sync" (like anonymous?)
use some type of system awesome auto notification binding to "be notified" when new files appear
use registry to "auto determine" your dropbox home, etc.
NB that I don't think XXX has ability to "add from it from anywhere" or possibly keep vanilla copies around...
tell them
add a file list/md5's so it can double check the transfer succeeded...
auto compress videos (lossless for now)
does it help? does it work?
keep a large YAML file of all files...
maybe on every client [?]
it can "upload to a new candidate" that is added
auto...submit them to youtube, too?
auto upload photos to facebook, too?
create a youtube upload "of images one per frame" as an image backup :)
optionally "if it's bigger than x, then create new..."
this could be more cost effective than other options, using amazon's freeze...
compress, dedupe...blocks?
differential backups for large changing files [?]
differential backup at all? :)
look at competitors for ideas
allow for removable media
business option: "or backup to cloud"
amazon frozen :)
they pay, or have their own
or their own normal amazon?
or charge per use?
status, etc.
more "realtime" synchro...
instead of waiting for lock, clients provide a "copy your file lock acknowledged" :)
this is more 'realtime'
fancy shmancy GUI 'recover this from here'
can right click on arbitrary directories "backup track this folder"
can limit cpu/bandwidth usage
allow "your brother to also sync your stuff" (hmm...just use the public part of it?
require "shared" dropbox folder, with your brother? yeah that sounds sane...
does gdrive sharing allow them to sync to a local folder at that point? dropbox?
able to use "just the remote API" to copy it to the temp folder, instead of having to have it installed locally [?]
try it with icloud, too, why not?
release an OS X client? :)
can use gdrive + dropbox at the same time :)
accomodate ftp
has icons at all LOL.
"client x has z files"
warn on too long directory/bad filenames in liux :)
instructions on "how to use tihs with your brother's blaze storage" or the like :)
preferably the whole family can too
shared dropbox folder?
periodic checking of local files
it should be able to avoid a local transfer...shouldn't it?
just move it from the temp folder?
list of questions to ask
real website
"you can record with a windows webcam"