list of thoughts for "free" internet domains/subdomains ( et al)
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README some others from notes [?]

I suppose I should backorder these as well  :)

"wrap" afraid I guess...if this thing ever seems useful...

subscribe to afraid

webcasts? hmm....
those alternatives perhaps? ...

get back feedback from people before go live? 

offer them free email somehow? nah, maybe show them how to setup free email for their subdomains though :)

chickenkiller crabdance, jumpingcrab, (also have a full list for them, these at top LOL).
or if they're very popular, backorder them? (don't need to back order them, apparently they're domains owned by admin)

start a wiki page "add yourself to this list" also one for "cool domain names" whoa deja vu

try to also get some other shortener, or main also have a shortener? why not LOL  
  allow alias subdomains ?

.tk wow!

list of free hosting [?] /google