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maybe someday do:
compare pixels to see if it's too bright
is there a way to make it more "lush" and/or "displayable" color?
disable aero automatically :P
initial pass:
can use a window to get the movie coordinates :P
pure jruby: win32-screenshot, then BufferedImage, then hash, then display, with resizable window for display :P
then just display that single image
can infer from the "general color" of the frame, as well?
avoid sheering? [prolly unnecessary]
can specify locations of monitors "3 monitors, one right, one left, one above" and use them and it actually work.
what about darkened room, far right corner?
can infer the movie from the black stuff above, beyond
can use a v shaped "sheet of aluminum" to split a top or bottom display into right and left sides.
or up and down, or split it into fourths, or what not.
can specify the location of your one monitor (right, above, etc.)
the original goal was an awesome, immersive experience
you feel like you're in the ocean, with nemo.
the plane flies overhead and you can see it behind and above, then above, then it enters the screen.
they add directly and awesomely to the movie.
a single forward pointer related...
an extra dimension of experience for the producer/viewer
an extra dimension of control for them.
with awesome looking deep blue lights around the TV, and scattered about the whole room, etc.
can use deflectors to do more stuff...even toward the ceiling.
can do gradients, so that say washing sea can be display, or half and half displays,
or the ground (top to bottom gradient) too.
Do people usually watch it in the complete dark?
What's the implication? Just do the walls in that case?
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