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Nifty Windows ( is a *necessary* utility for MS Windows so that window management isn't hard. It adds things like easy window dragging.
This is a clone of their code, updated to have
<win> + h => send current window to tray
double right click => close current window
=== features that were already there that I use ==
right drag -> drag window
right drag near edge -> resize window
How to install:
download and run file from:
Known bugs:
When it's running, you can't right click on items in your programs menu. Work around currently is to disable nifty windows, do what you need, then restart it.
TODO: either make the key bindings configurable, or just arbitrarily change them to be nice like what I want them to be.
TODO: add a list of all key bindings to the right click popup so people can at least know what is possible.
Released under the same license (GPL v2).
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