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an open source web app to "better" view ones family tree
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super tree thots.txt



bookmarks, private notes, links in to the real thing

ask forums church and other, ask that one ML.  Ask Milan.

Ask for feedback at that conference [?]

== ?? ==
"fan" view [?]

this view looks nice...

maybe could propagate things with ajax too to speed up load times?

dual icons for temple work [?] Gene Black

"this line needs more help" metric for lines.

better transitions for going forward or backward or centering...

ability to "see" their relationship to you somehow...

ability to plugin ancestors [placemarks] if still living...

link to werelate


  genchat is dead

  gencmp, familysearch look good


TODO read over the getsatisfaction stuff for the current one.

can click on an 

being able to "message" other genealogists.

be able to subscribe "up or down" your line LOL

“wrap” discussions as research log, todo’s with hardness levels.
(it remembers where you have done anything, of course, but details should be at least duplicated on new familysearch)

(the ideal would be “subscribe to your ancestors discussions, etc., and maybe all of their descendants, and it can show “there are 3 todo lists up this way in the tree, 44 down this way from him” (which we could cache, at least…}
if you wanted to do all, you could just cache all up, and “lines of interest” down…just things that have been viewed ever count

it can show “there is someone up the tree this way” (realtime seeing…)
one can “show the other” something…(control their view)

live chat for a person

being able to "see" where other people are looking at who are online, as well.

being able to subscribe to discussions for an individual [polling?  Unfortunately we can't poll though...think about it]

being able to subscribe to discussions for several individuals [like your whole ancestry LOL dunno if this will be feasible though...]

show "images" underneath each person for the places associated about them, for instance if they were born in Germany in 1850, then images from that time period or the surrounding place.
be able to click on a place name and it pulls it up in google earth, or, in wikipedia.
"fake" todo list items as in when you "create" a todo item, it creates a new discussion called "TODO list item created" and then when it is finished it posts a new entry within that discussion "item completed" or the like.

verified checkboxes

the tree itself can show pictures, stories, (my “related” pictures from the family history screen saver)
the “living” tree

if it's in britain and there's a wiki page for researching there, etc., then show it somehow

slow zoom-ing pictures, for effect [fade in, fade out].

bookmarks (shareable), public/tags
self notes
self history

show if people have discussions.

be “fast” (cacheing ancestors likely to be viewed?)

“global view” of your whole tree, here’s where you are in it.

 “follow” so and so’s changes/genealogical updates
“post” changes to facebook, too.
follow their trail?
see other peoples' todo list/bookmarks.

can upload images LOL

research that other site
  they wrap new familysearch
  they have some interesting ideas
  realtime search as you type, "these ancestors are only missing one thing!" [I assume that's an API they can call or what?]
  they use plugins [!]
  they cost

maybe a "here's how to find some more information on them" (various resources, helps)

can click into wikipedia for that place

super visualizer on a grid or...on a global map yeah.

me "save/cache" all the people/ make things super speedier-o LOL.
And offline download all their ancestors for them, why not? :P

Some new "perspective" or paradigm.  
one of those videos but for descendants born of somebody's whoa!
ability to "shoot lines up and out" to "see" your relationship with george washington et al
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