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= todo =
contact professors [?]
pay student?
= random =
quiz after each day "do you need more help? was it very useful? you are 'awesome at this'?"
respect module
make a library of books available "for cheap rental?" "online?"
see "random ideas list" for more thoughts/suggestions...
focus on something you like about them [?]
module: learn not to hurt your spouse by attacking...poorly? in their love language?
anger solver ? separate module?
ideal: measure once a week, it says 'oh you're stll low on love maps, watch those again next week'
with feedback from spouse, too.
maybe :)
maybe standard relat measurement every so often (with graph so they can see ?).
can recommend "addicted? read this book" LOL
ask spouse "what are ten things that help you feel good from your spouse?" "rank them from 1 to 10"
it has lessons in "how to agree" with their bids at all.
maybe after awhile it can query the spouse "is this guy getting it?"
maybe at startup she sends "list of things that would be nice for him to do for her" or say or the like.
maybe every so often ask her "what would something nice be this month/week?"
youtube demo's of principles, as well as descriptions of them.
same thing for teens, singles, children/families :P
some graph of your own "happiness" or "confidence" or "love tank"?
you can "subscribe"
twice tell you to re-read the chapter?
faq for overcoming problems
know the benefits, the why to each task, will make them feel great
is there some workbook?
cron hourly job
ask spouse "so how was that?"
adjust accordingly LOL
love tank game!
first pass: daily thought for your love language?
just point them to a quiz.
they can sign up,
maybe it asks them their love language too...
maybe it could do something like "do this for them, then ask them to do this for you, ask like this"
ideal would you are teaching them tools, so they can develop these tools, and make it a habit of using them.
and you don't need this thing to do it...
skip days "did you do it yesterday?"
and/or some type of reward...?
maybe seeing your spouse's love meter increase?
maybe take daily "how's your love meter" you try to get it to go up...
maybe daily ask your spouse "do you want more touch today? more xyz?" do you need extra special help today?
the emergency "they need something big today!" a way to tell... or "get ready for a rumble" when you get home...
"how well did that work?"
for knowing to reschedule it or not...
maybe it wants to ask a question "do you want a tip today, or you got this one?"
get trial participants LOL
tell them they should be out in the open about it with their spouse...
let them choose which things like "like" doing more and tell them those more frequently? huh?
allow the spouse to insert some customized "items" maybe...hmmm...
get the spouse to participate, like a team effort...
get them to be your "buddy" to help you do it, motivate when you want to quit...
7 principles book too?
bonds that make us free too?
a way to connect spiritually too?