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see spec/parse_template.spec.rb for another (the real) TODO list
revamp bin/GUI (add drop down, better demo template), re-release, release on ruby flow LOL.
better docu (basically, everything you need, in the README)
= maybe =
# LODO allow internal sub-boxes LOL
# LODO should pass the button through to on_clicked [?] or button with frame, too?
# LODO should be able to clear everything a button does or used to do...
# LODO a 'title managing' object LOL
# LODO rel_width=+100 or some odd
# LODO real documentation LOL
# buttons should require a code name :P
if the window goes too low, they can't see it all, and it doesn't scroll?
use native file handlers, the swing ones shuck with default save filenames
= never =
cool GUI self editor tool for resizing buttons :)
HTML linked version. what the woot! LOL.
serialize the RAM for now LOL.
pull the object from a db based on ID
instance_exec the [saved in RAM] proc
this would mean you can never "wildly redefine" action for pages though clicks...hmm...
or you could just pass "self" through...hmm...
whatever would be first pass ideal, just make that happen
fix: Parsing failed on line " _ _\t \n" number: 5!
use launchy for at least url's in linux
ask_should_allow_on_minimize {
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