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== Overly Verbose History ==
Sensible Cinema was preceded by EDL's [2] of video editors in the 90's,
cleanflicks (both analog and digital/DVD incantations, late 90's),
then more recently mplayer began to support EDL, zoomplayer added a scene-cut editor some years ago, came along, and also many
other editors have supported EDL for content creation and/or playback,
such as mythtv/XBMC's EDL support (as suggested by the phantom edit [1], from,
VLC also added playlists with optional start and stop positions per entry.
Ffmpeg, mencoder were high quality video editing open source video tools.
Once I discovered all of these previously existing programs, I knew the right pieces were ready.
See also the "related" section, and "motivation" section. See also the change_log_with_feature_list.txt file, and several
blog entries I've posted to various blogs.
Originally the project started as a prototype to "watch hulu (online) and netflix instant movies
edited" (it uses screen snapshots (of specific locations where the digits are expected, based on window positions)
and then tracks, using OCR of the on-screen (convert to timestamp), to monitor it for specific times relative
to an EDL, and reacts appropriately.
Then I realized I could basically have the same effect by instructing any video player (VLC) to "play from second x to y"
ok "now play from z to q muted" etc. (so kind of a stop and go video player, kind of like controlling the remote for you).
It basically was implementing Edit Decision Lists (EDL's) using playlists and
I just passed VLC a playlist, it did all the work for me, without any necessary tracking on my part.
This seemed to be a different approach than some other programs out there take, so I
explored this route. There were even a few released versions with this feature.
They avoid real-time tracking by specifying "play from here to here"
not "skip from here to here" as some other players do.
Then it occurred to me that one could grab the several clean segments
off a movie file, and piece them together to create an edited clean version ( a la cleanflix ). This also avoids
realtime tracking, so I also included this ability.
The playlist option is disabled in later releases, as it was deemed too user-non-friendly, and because VLC timing
is "different" than standard DVD players, so I decided to just use standardized timing, though it worked fine
for VLC playbacks.
I replaced it with support for mplayer's EDL format, which works better, and has consistent timing,
though is still a bit buggy, please report any issues you may find on it.
You can see a full list of other features that have been published and demonstrated
in the accompanying file change_log_with_feature_list.txt. Each feature mentioned works
in some released version of sensible-cinema though some features have been removed in subsequent versions
(they're all available as rubygems).
Who knows what the future will hold...
== Related ==
The concepts I use aren't novel. Some other previously existing related type examples:
Edited "airplane edit" style movies.
Commercial TV (ABC, NBC) show their own (edited for TV) movies, for instance Schindler's List was slightly edited when shown on television. lists a lot of players that support EDL DVD playback in some form or another. tends to have reasonably good lists of what occurs in movies (find a movie, click on "parent's guide" on the left). Sometimes it even lists the time signatures for events (ex: "Labyrinth" which you could use to translate into a sensible-cinema compatible list. I've even released a version of SC that has working time edits pulled from a wiki like that.
Normal DVD's versus "directors cut" versions of movies (one is at times preferable, content wise) (it's a linear editing tool, after all--so see the vast list of those)
Clean Flicks (used to) sell edited movies prisoners apparently have access to a few "edited" versions of movies (not many though, but there are some listed there) lets you "cut out" offensive content (commercials et al) and burn DVD's from mpeg's/h264 streams, and has its own EDL syntax Windows Media Encoder supports EDL's by timestamp has community shared cutlists (in this instance, for commercials)
Time programmable VCR's (at the least, it can 'skip the first few minutes' of a movie or what not, and, if you're handy with the pause and rewind buttons on you remote, edit offensive content) replaces profanity in web pages with euphemized content.
MovieMask apparently had capability of "overlaying" DVD playback, like adding new clothing to people, and other features. (mplayer has had this ability for awhile, with no complaints). fanedits take the original and remix it through some means for more enjoyable playbacks. a commercial "filtering" DVD player See the "motivation" section for a description.
It does offer a few features that sensible cinema supports but does not provide access to,
like (user flexible) content decisions. has an interesting idea of "overlaying" audio over the original video, and synchronizing between the two (their re-player does, anyway). zoom player's "scene cut editor"
edited released movies by the producer, like and and (XBMC's scene cut supporter--also contains links to some other editors' support for EDL's) "Re-author" mode: to make "movie-only" backups, compilations, combine "flippers",.... DvdShrink has the ability to "crop or cut parts of a title" etc.
The VCR with its record button, coupled with the stop+rewind button and a list of edits (if even in your head). Adobe Director MX 2004 can "script" DVD playback apparently.
DVD's themselves allow for "scripted" playback of certain content, allowing controls for jumping from location to location, switching audio/video tracks, etc.
DVD's with different titles based on content. (player written in Python, controls VLC based on subtitles and user-input'ed EDL's, using edit decision lists in realtime) (search for "scene description")
showanalyzer and comskip analyze videos to look for "segments to cut out" automatically (commercials, in this case, but the principle still applies)
Old-school: using the remote control with the pause, mute, stop, fast forward, and play buttons, along with previous knowledge of "questionable" scene locations
The scissors and old VHS tapes (Clean Flicks' original method, if I remember correctly). (was a helper kit for cutting VHS tape)
Windows Movie Maker. Allows for users to cut and copy scenes of movies. Really any editor can do this. VLC Media Player using EDL's via playlists
Corel WinDVD has "Quick Clip" settings for capturing movie from DVD's.
Microsoft's built-in magnifier basically copies DVD's screen output if mouse is placed over playing DVD.
moviemask once had several advanced features:
AviSynth can script dvd playback
ps3 media server has edl support:
Anydvd HD's "magic file replacement" for DVD's/blu-ray's. Google for it.
RiffTrax allows for an audio "overlay" to a DVD playback, have their own player to coordinate the extra audio track with the playing video. is an Emacs "EDL editor" which uses mplayer and Media Lovin' Toolkit framework.
"fan subs" are edited subtitles, displayed overlaid on the original track/video, or so I'm told.
Avatar DVD was released with an audio track that was "euphemized" of the profanity. lists basically all the bad things that happen in movies (very detailedly) as also does common sense media, though without any timestamps unfortunately.
BYU's Varsity theater used to edit movies, and show them on the big screen.
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