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Not that I plan on making money on it, but...
A business model where DVD's could be purchased (along with the original) with any filter they'd like
applied. The author of the filter would receive a percentage of the sale, prompting more people to
upload quality edits so theirs gets to be #1.
Or pay x to use filter once, or charge a "donation fee" when downloading SC at all,
or a cut of the filter per download, or a "donation" per filter (with a cut) per download.
People can send you a file and you send it back edited to them LOL (file meaning a rip of some DVD
they own, +- requiring them to send in an original DVD too) LOL.
Or make it all free and rely on charitable community crowd-sourcing only :P
Google TV app for $4.99
They send you the original DVD and the ripped version, you send them back an edited ripped version and their original DVD.
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