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@@ -150,14 +150,15 @@
@ffmpeg: you can't convert mkv's of this type!
== decide later to move up or down ==
+ super automatic-o "your DVD has no EDL? let me do all of that for you..."
librivox EDL's and/or speedups :P
"process them at home, or download them here"
super subtitle parser watcher for netflix on-demand...
without download, though...they download it, I let them use it, like a medium button?
or add button "reveal advanced" with this new button on it...
- report xbmc bugz
== DVD+-DVD-realtime basically never do backlog (unordered) ==
+ report xbmc bugz
add 0.25 only in "normal" mode to end of skips...I guess...if they came from file mode anyway...
theoretically add 0 in normal mode, for the pedantic...make it a preference I guess :P
can "auto find" for files, based on fast hash
@@ -16,3 +16,6 @@ LOL.
Or make it all free and rely on charitable community crowd-sourcing only :P
+google TV app for $4.99
+They send you the original DVD and the ripped version, you send them back an edited ripped version and their original DVD.

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