How to create your own EDL's

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You can create an edit list for sensible cinema to use against whatever DVD you want

An edit list (currently) lists sections you want muted or skipped. Here is an example

"mutes" => [
  "02:02:15.0" , "02:02:25", "a muted demo section",

"blank_outs" => [
  "02:02:00.0" , "02:02:10", "blanked out demo section",

"name" => "Greatest Story Ever Told",

You can see additional examples in the "edit decision list/dvds" folder: There are a few other things you can have in there too.

To create a new EDL (for a DVD) the steps typically look like this:

  1. Open Sensible Cinema in "advanced--edit create mode..."
  2. Insert your DVD.
  3. Click "Create new edit list for DVD" button (advanced/create mode).
  4. Download a subtitle file for your movie, and parse it for profanities. Basically download a subtitle file for your DVD from or the like (if you can figure out how to navigate their site--or google search for "en 1cd [movie name]").
  5. Use the "advanced create" mode and have it parse the subtitle for profanities, using the "parse srt" button. 6. Copy that information into your EDL for that DVD.

Current problem with that button is that it's not super user friendly yet (hopes to be at some point), requiring you to copy and paste values very carefully.

That should get you going, then you watch it and add any other "questionable" scenes to your EDL. Kids in Mind Also has very detailed lists which I think go in chronological order, so you could use those to detect questionable scenes.

For the rest of the buttons, just "mouse over"/"hover over" them for full descriptions of their potential uses.

After you're done, you can submit your new edit list to us at sensible cinema (so others can use it later) by using the Upload button and sending an attachment, or send an attachment to

If you want to understand timestamps more, see also Understanding Timestamps

A few pointers:

  • You can also generate your own (super accurate) subtitle .srt file from a DVD by using (windows) but it does take awhile to extract.
  • You can make several different "edit lists" per DVD, using different filenames. For example one might take out all profanity, and a second take out profanity and also remove all violence, or whatever. Basically different levels :)
  • You can also just watch a DVD (using any DVD player), and get timestamps that way, before creating an edit list. You'll have to convert them using the "convert timestamp from 30 fps to 29.97" button.
  • A good computer program for this is "smplayer" (the [ and ] keys control playback speed, and right and left, page up and page down buttons control seeking). See also the "tooltip" for the "convert timestamp" button.
  • Also note that you can rewatch the whole thing when you're done, just to double check and see if you got all time signatures right (using "create DVD file on local hard drive" button).
  • Also note that you could add your timing information to IMDB's parental guide wiki pages about movies.
    This can help users of other programs than sensible cinema with editing their movies, or at least knowing the content. You can even add timestamps there.
  • Also note that you don't need to "grab" the DVD to your hard drive at all to edit. You can just watch it in smplayer with 'on-screen-display' enabled (hit the o key several times). If you have watched a DVD with your hardware DVD player, then realize that the timestamps will probably be slightly off. The DVD player has timestamps in "30 fps" while we use the (slightly more accurate) 29.97 fps for the EDL's, so use the convert button there.