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== actually do==
a "real" kernel level receive from driver
esp. if I ever need buffering in dshow, intead...
it does not record wav right?!
if no audio device, return -1 or what not...
== maybe ==
simpler/easier "just audio straight" GUI recorder...
== meh/never ==
it can be set to 24 bit audio if their input "is" 24 bit audio? maybe?
it doesn't complain whn I choose an unwritable dir and writing fails? It also displays as "recording to /\" if I choose the base?
bad icons? background console?
this gui setup is awkward...
new name?
new web page/real web page
provide a "straight -> 2" pin always, for those 5.1'ers
provide a "32 bit" pin
VAC: use real mutex no sleep(1)
2 pins, one with 32 bit audio :)
some thing that shows the current "bars" of how much it could/would be capturing...
figure out/debug pauses in FME when clicking "stop"...huh?
faster script startup speeds?
One feature I had thought of would be a "strip trailing silence" option or the like. I know if I were recording things I might like it :)
Another option that might be useful/interesting might be to record/merge several audio input streams at a time. This might be useful for recording skype calls so you can get the microphone as well as the "audio out".
copy broadcaster here I guess?
fix "everybody's bug"
sleep 0's?
timestamps offset with a maximum end time?
max(should, real) etc.!
maybe it's fixed/ok?
maybe something like VAC's usefulness for gamers or something?
try "mixing" of several?
system tray "start" "stop"
figure out a way to stream to say ps3:
have an "easy streamer" option
or just have screen capture so it can stream, too :P
have a "real" webpage for it so I can track analytics/adsense
do the propaganda file
also propaganda something like "record what you hear program" or whatever to compete with freecorder and the like
can "convert" any audio file to an media player friendlier mp3 :)
higher quality, like more than 2 tracks/44Khz [possible?]
work when paused (esp. VLC) we need a realtime option? single-threaded m/b? this instance shouldn't I be calculating my own timestamps, starting from when I first got non discontinuous data? hmm...
pass in the current ref time...hmm...or maybe if the buffer is too large I arbitrarily dump some of it? I don't accomodate VLC pause but
maybe I'm ok realtime still, as is currently?
real ddk thing [if anybody asks for it]
== notes ==
note: the silence thing I think works...based on not hitting that line...
note: output setting volume "doesn't" matter...
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