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This is a fork of the visualuruby project
Slightly behind on vrswin updates I think there's been one more since I forked the code.
The project is split into two parts:
the binary "backend" (vrswin)
and a front "wrapper" for it. (vruby)
To install it, it appears you'll need ruby 1.9 (use an older version for 1.8.x), then go into vrwsin/swin, ruby extconf.rb, make, make install
(how to install ruby 1.9 windows mingw:
for vruby, run vruby080229>ruby vrinstall.rb
== examples ==
see examples folder, and also
Note: For ruby 1.9 (the default), you'll want to have at most one thread for GUI stuffs and (possibly others for non GUI) to avoid potential deadlocks.
comments send to rogerdpack user on github