Jenkins Build Scripts and Config Files for WebObjects Projects
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This repository contains shell scripts for helping setup Jenkins (and probably Hudson, too) to build and deploy WebObjects applications.

When combined with the corresponding Jenkins jobs (Jobs available in seperate repositories)* these scripts can:

1) Apple WebObjects™: 
  a) Download either WebObjects 5.3.3 or 5.4.3 from Apple 
  b) Install it in a version-specific location that will not conflict with other WebObjects installs - JENKINS_HOME/WOFrameworksRepository/WebObjects/VERSION

2) Project WOnder:
  a) Download Project WOnder source code by either
    • SVN: Checkout Project WOnder from old SVN repository
    • Git: Clone Project WOnder from the repository
  b) Build any revision specified by the Jenkins job (does not need to build Head of Master)
  c) Install it in a revision-specific location so you can have several installed versions to build against - JENKINS_HOME/WOFrameworksRepository/ProjectWOnder/REVISION

3) Add any frameworks required by your project (based on the .classpath file) into your project's workspace (using symbolic links)
  a) WebObjects frameworks - based on the version specified in the Jenkins job
  b) Project WOnder frameworks - based on the revision specified in the Jenkins job

4) Build your WebObjects Framework or Application
  a) SVN: script is complete and working
  b) Git: could possibly use SVN script - but hasn't been specifically verified.

5) Deploy you WebObjects Application to a remote server running Wonder's JavaMonitor and wotaskd.**

* Jenkins job configuration files are available in seperate repositories ( for example)

** Needs work. Use as a guide for now, probably doesn't work without customization.