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Tulipe personal todolist is yet an other todolist webapp. But it is build with Sails.js (nodejs MVC framework) and AngularJS and ... It is pretty cool ;)
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Yet an other TodoList but ... Built with Sails.js and AngularJS and ... it's pretty cool


With tulipe-personal-todolist you can manage your tasks and classify them into 3 categories :

  • Important
  • Project
  • Reminder

You can also add sub-task (only one depth for the moment)

Mobile devices are supported with minimal width screen: 370px.


Tulipe-personal-todolist is a nodejs application built with Sails.js (backend) and AngularJS (frontend). Here are the versions of dependencies currently used:

  • nodejs v0.10.20 or higher
  • npm v1.3.11 or higher
  • sails v0.9.4
  • grunt: 0.4.1
  • ejs: 0.8.4 (sails dependencies currently not used)
  • optimist: 0.3.4

A Demo is available here.


DEV - Installation Process

  • Download archive from github here
  • Unzip archive
  • Run npm install in unzipped folder to checkout dependencies
  • Start application by running : node app.js

In development mode, all data are saved on disk in file : .tmp/.disk.db

If you want to test any modification, you can use nodemon. nodemon automatically restart the application when files change. To do this, start app by using:

nodemon app.js

Application is now available from http://localhost:1337


  • Manage errors in the backend - model : Task (creation and deletion)
  • Do unit and ent-to-end test for angular
  • Display errors in UI
  • Do unit test for the sails backend
  • Implements Edit-In-Place
  • Improve angular controllers (one controller is maybe enough ...)
  • Connect angular services with
  • Add ACL for the backend
  • Documentation about Sails.js and AngularJS communication
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