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Tutorial on Dynamic IoT Data, Protocol, and Middleware Interoperability with Resource Slice Concepts and Tools

This git contains material for the tutorial on dynamic IoT interoperability to be held in the ACM IoT 2018 Conference by Hong-Linh Truong.

The tutorial will examine cross-layered, cross-system interoperability issues and present a DevOps IoT Interoperability approach for defining metadata, selecting resources and software artifacts, and provisioning and connecting resources to create various potential solutions for IoT Cloud interoperability using resource slice concepts. Second, the tutorial will present techniques for dynamically provisioning data pipelines, middleware services, protocol adapters and custom solutions to address cross-layered, cross-system interoperability for IoT Cloud applications. Such solutions also allow dynamic reconfiguration of resources to add/remove interoperability support. We will present the concepts and techniques with hands-on examples using our research tools rsiHub and IoTCloudSamples.

The material will be continuously updated.


Current version of the tutorial slides (15 Oct 2018)

If you have any comments and suggestions, pls. send to us.

Code Samples and Hands-on

Citation for this tutorial

If you use the material in this tutorial, pls. cite the tutorial paper:

The development of this work has been partially supported by the H2020 EU Inter-IoT project and the infrastructure resources for experiments have been supported by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Research Grant.

Other Useful Materials and Papers

The tutorial has been built based on various research work.