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The SSIII Project ontologies are located in this directory.  

V2 of the ontologies were based on the document "Sea Ice Nomenclature, Version 1.0 by Dr. A.V. Bushuyev" located at  At the time that the ontologies were created this draft document was to be discussed at the next meeting of the JCOMM Expert Team on Sea Ice, so was deemed the most useful version to reflect in the ontologies.  Since that time several other versions of the sea ice nomenclature have been generated.  The most recent version (from 2014) will form the basis for Version 3 of the ontologies.

As formulated for Version 2, the ontologies can be used in conjuction with to generate linked data from ice charts from the Canadien Ice Service that are formatted in SIGRID3 format.  Ice chart data dating from 2006 through the present day are available from the National Snow and Ice Data center at 

V3 of the ontologies will be based on the recently approved document "WMO Sea-Ice Nomenclature Terminology - Volume 1, WMO/OMM/DMO - No. 259", Edition 1970-2014 available at
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