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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from qgis.core import Qgis, QgsMessageLog, QgsLocatorFilter, QgsLocatorResult, QgsRectangle, \
QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem, QgsCoordinateTransform, QgsProject
from . networkaccessmanager import NetworkAccessManager, RequestsException
from qgis.PyQt.QtCore import pyqtSignal
import json
class NominatimFilterPlugin:
def __init__(self, iface):
self.iface = iface
self.filter = NominatimLocatorFilter(self.iface)
# THIS is not working?? As in show_problem never called
def show_problem(self, err):"showing problem???") # never come here?
self.iface.messageBar().pushWarning("NominatimLocatorFilter Error", '{}'.format(err))
def initGui(self):
def unload(self):
# SEE:
# for all attributes/members/functions to be implemented
class NominatimLocatorFilter(QgsLocatorFilter):
USER_AGENT = b'Mozilla/5.0 QGIS NominatimLocatorFilter'
# test url to be able to force errors
# some magic numbers to be able to zoom to more or less defined levels
ADDRESS = 1000
STREET = 1500
ZIP = 3000
PLACE = 30000
CITY = 120000
ISLAND = 250000
COUNTRY = 4000000
resultProblem = pyqtSignal(str)
def __init__(self, iface):
# you REALLY REALLY have to save the handle to iface, else segfaults!!
self.iface = iface
super(QgsLocatorFilter, self).__init__()
def name(self):
return self.__class__.__name__
def clone(self):
return NominatimLocatorFilter(self.iface)
def displayName(self):
return 'Nominatim Geocoder (end with space to search)'
def prefix(self):
return 'osm'
def fetchResults(self, search, context, feedback):
if len(search) < 2:
# see
# "Auto-complete search This is not yet supported by Nominatim and you must not implement such a service on the client side using the API."
# so end with a space to trigger a search:
if search[-1] != ' ':
url = '{}{}'.format(self.SEARCH_URL, search)'Search url {}'.format(url))
nam = NetworkAccessManager()
# see
# "Provide a valid HTTP Referer or User-Agent identifying the application (QGIS geocoder)"
headers = {b'User-Agent': self.USER_AGENT}
# use BLOCKING request, as fetchResults already has it's own thread!
(response, content) = nam.request(url, headers=headers, blocking=True)
if response.status_code == 200: # other codes are handled by NetworkAccessManager
content_string = content.decode('utf-8')
locations = json.loads(content_string)
for loc in locations:
result = QgsLocatorResult()
result.filter = self
result.displayString = '{} ({})'.format(loc['display_name'], loc['type'])
# use the json full item as userData, so all info is in it:
result.userData = loc
except RequestsException as err:
# Handle exception..
# only this one seems to work
# THIS: results in a floating window with a warning in it, wrong thread/parent?
#self.iface.messageBar().pushWarning("NominatimLocatorFilter Error", '{}'.format(err))
# THIS: emitting the signal here does not work either?
def triggerResult(self, result):"UserClick: {}".format(result.displayString))
doc = result.userData
extent = doc['boundingbox']
# "boundingbox": ["52.641015", "52.641115", "5.6737302", "5.6738302"]
rect = QgsRectangle(float(extent[2]), float(extent[0]), float(extent[3]), float(extent[1]))
dest_crs = QgsProject.instance().crs()
results_crs = QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem(4326, QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem.PostgisCrsId)
transform = QgsCoordinateTransform(results_crs, dest_crs, QgsProject.instance())
r = transform.transformBoundingBox(rect)
self.iface.mapCanvas().setExtent(r, False)
# map the result types to generic GeocoderLocator types to determine the zoom
# BUT only if the extent < 100 meter (as for other objects it is probably ok)
# mmm, some objects return 'type':'province', but extent is point
scale_denominator = self.ZIP # defaulting to something
# TODO add other types?
if doc['type'] in ['house', 'information']:
scale_denominator = self.ADDRESS
elif doc['type'] in ['way', 'motorway_junction', 'cycleway']:
scale_denominator = self.STREET
elif doc['type'] in ['postcode']:
scale_denominator = self.ZIP
elif doc['type'] in ['city']:
scale_denominator = self.CITY
elif doc['type'] in ['island']:
scale_denominator = self.ISLAND
elif doc['type'] in ['administrative']: # ?? can also be a city etc...
scale_denominator = self.COUNTRY
def info(self, msg=""):
QgsMessageLog.logMessage('{} {}'.format(self.__class__.__name__, msg), 'NominatimLocatorFilter', Qgis.Info)