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import sys
from flask import abort, current_app, request, url_for
from flask import _request_ctx_stack
from werkzeug.routing import BuildError
from wsgi_party import WSGIParty, HighAndDry
class Party(object):
invite_path = '/__invite__/'
def __init__(self, app=None):
if app is not None:
def init_app(self, app):
partyline_proxy = PartylineProxy(app)
app.extensions['party'] = partyline_proxy
app.add_url_rule(self.invite_path, endpoint='partyline',
if not hasattr(app, 'build_error_handler'):
raise RuntimeError('Requires Flask>=0.9 for build_error_handler.')
app.build_error_handler = build_error_handler
class PartylineProxy(object):
def __init__(self, app): = app
self.partyline = None
self.connected = False
def join_party(self, request=request):
# Bootstrap, turn the view function into a 404 after registering.
if self.connected:
# This route does not exist at the HTTP level.
self.invitation_context =
self.invitation_context.use_partyline = False
self.partyline = request.environ.get(WSGIParty.partyline_key)
self.partyline.connect('ping', lambda x: 'pong')
self.partyline.connect('url', self.handle_url)
self.connected = True
return 'ok'
def handle_url(self, payload):
endpoint, values = payload
return self.my_url_for(endpoint, **values)
except BuildError:
raise HighAndDry()
def my_url_for(self, endpoint, **values):
# RequestContext.push() causes wrong context to be popped when app
# preserves context on exception, the default for app.debug=True.
# Instead, push/pop directly on the LocalStack.
return url_for(endpoint, **values)
def build_error_handler(error, endpoint, **values):
# Bootstrap. Prevent recursion into partyline when called from partyline.
if not getattr(, 'use_partyline', True):
partyline_proxy = current_app.extensions.get('party')
assert partyline_proxy is not None, 'Where did Flask-Party go?'
for url in partyline_proxy.partyline.ask_around('url', (endpoint, values)):
# First response wins.
return url
# Partyline does not have a URL for these arguments.
def reraise_error(error):
exc_type, exc_value, tb = sys.exc_info()
if exc_value is error:
# exception is current, raise in context of original traceback.
raise exc_type, exc_value, tb
raise error
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