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---------------- -----------------
Editing Commands Deleting Commands
---------------- -----------------
i insert x delete character
o open a new line (below) X delete character to left
O open a new line (above) d0 delete to beginning of line
a append d$ delete to end of line
A append at end of line dd delete line
u undo 5dd delete 5 lines
. repeat last command
------------------- -----------------
Cutting and Pasting Movement Commands
------------------- -----------------
yy yank H move to top of screen (high)
5yy yank 5 lines M move to middle
p paste L move to low
P paste above current position 10G go to line 10
w go to next word
b go back to previous word
0 beginning of line
$ end of line
Searching Commands
/fred search for "fred"
?fred search backwards for "fred"
n repeat the last search
Function Key Mappings (Customized)
F1: get help (show this screen)
F2: set number
F3: set nonumber
Run External Commands
:!ls -al list current directory (long list)
:!pwd print working directory
Miscellaneous Commands
:r read contents of a file into the current file
:s/FRED/BARNEY/g swap FRED with BARNEY (current line only)
:10,20s/FRED/BARNEY/g swap FRED with BARNEY on lines 10 through 20
:1,$s/FRED/BARNEY/g swap every occurrence of FRED with BARNEY (entire file)
:10,20d delete lines 10 through 20
:10,20y yank (copy) lines 10 through 20 to the buffer
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