command-line tool to convert a MARC file to an Excel-ready CSV file
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marc2csv - command-line tool to convert a MARC file to an Excel-ready CSV file.


This is a very simple command-line tool built for Unix-like (POSIX) systems. Potentially runs on Windows, but is only tested on GNU/Linux. Requires Python and pymarc.

A batch script for GNU bash is also included.


python path/to/data.mrc

Where path/to/data.mrc is the marc file you'd like to convert. CSV is printed to stdout. To create a CSV file, simply:

python path/to/data.mrc > data.csv

If you have multiple MARC files to convert, you can either use the included marc2csv_batch bash script, or concatenate all of your MARC files into one, i.e.

cat data1.mrc data2.mrc data3.mrc > data.mrc
python data.mrc > data.csv

Output CSV

The output CSV is a spreadsheet which has a column for each MARC tag found in the input data. If a marc record does not have the tag, the corresponding cell is empty. If you want one CSV for multiple marc files, the easiest approach is to concatenate all marc files into one before generating the CSV. (Otherwise the columns will not likely line up in the output CSV files.) You can open this CSV with OpenOffice or Microsoft Excel.

For more on MARC, see

It doesn't do X

It's supposed to be simple. I wrote, tested, and delivered it in under half an hour.


Because a librarian asked for it.

License & Copyright

Freely available under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v3. See COPYING.

Copyright (C) 2010 Associated Universities, Inc. Washington DC, USA.