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Flickr Uploader

This gem uploads photos in a folder to a Flickr photoset.

I created it to easily backup my entire photo collection to Flickr.


Create a folder named .flickr-uploader in your home folder, and create a Flickr configuration file called flickr.yml.

Example configuration file:

key: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
secret: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
token_cache: "/Users/jane/.flickr-uploader/token_cache.yml"

Create your own application on Flickr, and use the key and secret of that application in the configuration above. Make sure that the token_cache value points to a different file in the same folder (it is a file the flickr-fu library uses to cache the authentication tokens).


You need to authorize the application once using:

$ flickr-uploader authorize

Visit the URL shown on your screen and follow the instructions on Flickr.


Uploading should now be easy:

$ flickr-uploader upload /path/to/your/folder

This will upload all the photos in that folder to a new photoset with the name of the folder (in this case: folder).

If there are more than 500 photos in the folder, separate photosets are created on Flickr, to accomodate Flickr's 500 photos per photoset limit.

Uploading subfolders

If you have a large collection of photos organized in subfolders, you can upload all direct subfolders of a parent folder using multi-upload:

$ flickr-uploader multi-upload /path/to/your/parent/folder

Every subfolder will be uploaded as if called with the single folder upload method described above.


Feel free to fork this project on GitHub to add any improvements.


Bundle the API keys

Future versions might have actual Flickr App keys bundled with it.

Maybe obfuscate the keys a little bit:

Use flickraw?

Use the flickraw library instead of flickr_fu.

I tried the flickraw gem, but it feels a bit messier than flickr_fu.

Error handling

Some rudimentary error handling is needed to handle HTTP upload errors that happened during some longer test runs.

Example errors to handle:

  • net/protocol.rb:141:in `read_nonblock': end of file reached (EOFError)
  • net/http.rb:762:in `initialize': Connection timed out - connect(2) (Errno::ETIMEDOUT)


Released under the MIT License.