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An Arduino based datalogger design
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  The DataDuino is an Arduino based SD card datalogger.

The PedaLog was designed by Matt Little of

The items in this repository include:

The PCB files were created in KiCAD PCB design software

Example code has been written for the Arduino IDE.

Example code for a serial-line monitoring datalogger code has also been included.

Overview of the design:

  A PCF8563 Realt Time Clock is used to timestamp the data.
  Pin D4 is set up to record a DS18B20 1 wire temp sensor (up to 4 sensors can be attached) 
  Pin D3 is set up to cound pulses from a sensor (such as a anemometer or flow sensor)
  Pins D7,D8,D9 are set up to record digital information (0 or 1)
  Pins A0 to A3 are set up to record analogue information (0 to 1024)
  Each logger has a reference (user adjustable from 00-99).
  Data is written to a .csv file created on an SD card.
  A new file is created each day. If file alreay present then data is appended.
  The file name is created from the reference number and the date in the format:
  RXXDXXXX.csv, where RXX is the reference number and DXXXX is the date in the format DDMM. 
  Data is stored with human readable headers:
  "Reference, Time, Date, Pulses, Temp1, Temp2, Temp3, Temp4, D7,D8,D9,A0,A1,A2,A3"
  You can adjust the parameters of the device using serial commands. These parameters are stored in EEPROM.
  These are:
  This will change the reference number to ??
  This will change the time to HHMMSS
  This will change the date to DDMMYY
  This will change the sample period to ????? seconds. Set to 00001 for 1 second data, set to 03600 for 1 hour data.
  The minimum is 1 second data. The maximum is 99999 seconds


23/9/13	GitHub Repository created - Matt Little
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