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Pedal Powered Fairy Lights


Building Using the Arduino IDE

This method is preferred on Windows and for casual users who just want to build and use the project.

  • Open Arduino IDE
  • Open pedal_powered_fairy_lights/pedal_powered_fairy_lights.ino
  • Set the board to "Arduino Nano" (under the Tools -> Board menu)
  • Connect Nano
  • Click the Upload button on the tool bar

Using make on Linux

This alternative build system may also be used. It is an alternative to using the Arduino IDE and may be preferred by some users.

  • Intall the Arduino-Makefile system:
  • Edit the file and set the include line to point at where you installed Arduino-Makefile
  • In a shell, from the pedal_powered_fairy_lights directory, use the command "make upload" to build and install the code

LED 'flare' ideas

  • Random static burst
  • Plasma
  • Block bounce
  • Pour fill
  • Lightning

Known Issues

Because the Arduino IDE won't handle including a library from another library (version < 1.6.6), you must use v 1.6.6 or later.