MooTools plugin to fetch repo info from github and create a widget or hovercards.
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Github Repo Widgets

Github Repo Widgets is a MooTools plugin that allows you to fetch information regarding a Github repository using a JSONP request, and builds an HTML widget for you.


How to use

You can use GithubRepoWidget to create a widget by doing the following:

var myRepoWidget = new GithubRepoWidget('mootools', 'mootools-more');
myRepoWidget.addEvent('complete', function(response, widget){

or you can supply an element to inject into and have the complete event handled for you:

var myRepoWidget = new GithubRepoWidget('re5et', '.dotfiles', {
    'injectInto': $('myElement')

You can also use hoverCards, which will automatically find github repo links and attach hovercards to them, by running: