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Hello World : first reThink application

This example is a simple application that aims to illustrate the basics steps on how to use Hyperties.


This application uses the Hello World Hyperties, that have to be already deployed in a catalogue. In this case we are using the catalogue of domain, and the Hyperties we use in this App are HelloWorldReporter and HelloWorldObserver. Thus the Catalogue URLs for these Hyperties are:

For the Web application HelloWorld you just need a web server e.g. you can use NodeJS http-server:

Install with npm:

npm install http-server -g



This example is written in ECMA5 and does not need any transformation to run on a browser.


This Example will show you:

  • How the Runtime is loaded (which is also published on catalogue server)
  • How Hyperties are instantiated and associated with an identity selected by the user
  • How to synchronise a simple Hello data object between the HelloWorldReporter Hyperty and the HelloWorldObserver Hyperty.

Files included:

  • index.html :main page
  • helloWorldHypertyClient.js : javascript that manage the Hyperties in the application