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Provides required tools to develop Hyperties
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Hyperty Development Toolkit

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This repository provides required tools to develop Hyperties and a few demos. Currently the toolkit can be used to develop hyperties to be executed in the Browser or in the NodeJS;

Full Documentation

See the Wiki for full documentation, operational details and other information.


Quick Start

To run the toolkit do the following:

# clone the toolkit repository with the stable branches
git clone
# clone the dev-hyperty repository
git clone

# go to the toolkit directory
cd dev-hyperty-toolkit

# install toolkit modules
npm install


Configure all settings on the env file.

DEVELOPMENT=true # development mode or not, soon will be depracted
RUNTIME_URL=hyperty-catalogue://catalogue.localhost/.well-known/runtime/Runtime # place in the catalogue where is your runtimeURL
DOMAIN=localhost # domain where the toolkit will run and reference to contact msg-node
HYPERTY_REPO=../dev-hyperty # path to locate your dev-hyperty repository by default, is on the parent directory.. but you can change it

You are free to change for what you want..

To develop Hyperties for Browsers

When you start the toolkit with develop mode, the runtime-core loadHyperty, will reuse your hyperty address;

# run the toolkit with runtime-core
npm run start:dev

# run the toolkit with runtime-browser
npm run start:browser

Open https://catalogue.localhost/ and accept certificate

Open https://localhost/ and select an Hyperty to run.

To develop Hyperties for Nodejs

# or toolkit for nodejs and select where is the dev-hyperty repository
npm run start:node

Production Mode

This file will not be loaded if you run the toolkit in on production mode:

npm run start

Build hyperties

You can build hyperties without running the toolkit.

npm run build:hyperties # build the hyperties to be used on browser
npm run build:hyperties:node # build the hyperties to be used on nodejs

On each initial descriptor of hyperty on dev-hyperty repository, if you want replace the your descriptor static domain for the one which is on env file you should replace your domain for %domain%.

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