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Realtime Webchat for your Maniaplanet-server, plugin for JsControl
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#WebChat for JsControl

Webchat interface for ManiaPlanet server using JsControl


Node.JS installed. Web server with PHP 5.3 configured and accessible from the web. Free port for Node.JS at port 8081 and accessible from the web.

##Installation instructions for webchat

  1. Install Node.JS
  2. type at terminal / windows console: "npm install" without quotes
  3. Install JsControl
  4. Setup the plugin by inserting this line to config.js " config.plugins.push('webchat.js'); "
  5. Copy contents of apache-folder to some good place at your webserver
  6. Start JsControl
  7. Open web-browser and visit your webserver where you placed the contents of apache folder..

##Please note

that for now the webserver and the dedicated server must be at same machine and same ip to work.


due of a feature of dedicated server all ChatSendServerMessageToLogin() calls, ie personalized chatmessages will be also shown at the webchat!

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