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Use React to generate your awesome static website
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Reacat Build Status

Use React to generate your awesome static website.

Reacat means React + Xcat

Homepage: ( Underdevelopment )

Project status

WARNING: This project is underdevelopment, not ready for production.

Let's contribute together!


Static website generator

Reacat came about from our love of React and was inspired by Jekyll & Hexo.

  • Render html and markdown file as pages
  • Render React components as pages, support es6 format!
  • Be able to only render static markup

Plugins and Themes

Reacat has a powerful plugin system, as well as theme system. The most amazing thing is you can write them with React.

  • Search themes and plugins in npm
  • Write your own themes and plugins with React
  • Publish your themes and plugins to npm

Ready to build application

If you have a backend which only gives Ajax API, such as a BAAS platform, Reacat is ready to build application pleasantly.

  • Automatic inserting bundled js into pages
  • Use react-router to generate a single page app
  • Uglify bundled js to adapt production environment


Install Reacat

$ [sudo] npm install reacat -g

Create a new project

$ reacat init <project-name>
$ cd <project-name>
$ npm install
$ npm start

Create a new page

Add a .html or .md file to source dir with front matter in the head to create a new page.

Add a .jsx file to source dir which export a class YourPageComponent extended from React.Component will also create a new page. In this case, you can define a static constant frontMatter in YourPageComponent.


Edit config.json to configure your project.

Custom your theme

Create a new plugin


Programming style

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